Psycho-Social Groups

Working collaboratively to offer different cultural perspectives and to strengthen the client’s own resources and coping skills.

Language and Culture Group

Mainstream ESOL classes and college courses are often not available to our clients so we run twelve week cycles of our popular Language and Culture Group.

 Hands langauage and culture group


The group is a mixed gender, mixed ability Language and Culture group that is open to all TS clients who want to improve their English language skills. The group is taught by an English Teacher Volunteer who holds the group for twelve sessions. The classes are offered over a twelve week cycle to fit with the twelve week model used within Therapeutic Services.

Topics covered during the course range from cultural differences around family/parenting, food, informal and formal language as well as practical skills such as filling in a form, going to the doctors, travelling around London and also discussing and planning  places to visit in London. Feedback from clients has so far been positive and all were referred onward to access other projects within Therapeutic Services if appropriate.

Therapeutic Services hope to run the course again in January 2019, to make a referral please state an interest in L&C Group while making  a referral to Therapeutic London Email

The Tree of Life

psycho socSometimes the difficulties and traumas our clients have had to go through can leave them feeling disconnected to their past. They lose their sense of identity and of the person they were in their old life at home.  Finding their way in a new country can be disorientating and unsettling. The Tree of Life is a narrative therapy model which allows a space for clients to reconnect in a supportive and enjoyable activity.

Each week for eight weeks clients come together to tell stories and share experiences while drawing their own ‘Tree’ to represent all the people and things that have influenced and shaped their lives, both as they were and as they are now.  In this way clients can choose to  ‘re-author’ their particular stories, reclaiming their power and their sense of being in control of their lives. 

Please note currently Tree of Life Group is not running, we hope to review this in 2019.