Regional Therapeutic Services

RRCP 1Regional Therapeutic Services is a multidisciplinary approach for our clients’ multiple levels of needs.

Regional Therapeutic Services is supported by the Therapeutic Services Manager working alongside a dedicated team of three Therapeutic Counsellors and volunteers based in Sheffield, Leeds and Birmingham. Together they are working with clients to empower them to manage their complex situations, supporting them with crisis interventions, weekly counselling sessions or therapeutic group work.


In Leeds we run a Music Therapy Group in Urban House Initial Accommodation (IA). The group is run by a Community Musician  who works with an Arabic interpreter to provide weekly sessions.


In Birmingham, we have established referral pathways with specialist organisations such as Freedom From Torture to ensure clients’ needs are met in a timely manner and that torture survivors are identified and referred for long term rehabilitation programmes. We also work alongside St Chad’s which provides our clients with practical support such as clothes, basic hygiene goods, baby clothes, and food parcels, as well as ESOL lessons which continue up until they are dispersed from Birmingham.


Our new therapy service in Sheffield provides a psychological therapy service to Syrian refugees who have been resettled in South Yorkshire via the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS) and was launched on the 31st August 2017.

The service accepts internal referrals from Refugee Council Project Workers supporting refugees in the VPRS, but external referrals from our stakeholders can also be made using the email below to request a referral form. The remit of the service is to offer up to 12 weeks therapy to Syrian refugees experiencing mental health distress, and who are resettled via the scheme.

Currently the service has a 3/day per week Therapist working Wednesday-Friday, and we are recruiting sessional and volunteer therapists to increase the capacity of the team. The service offers one to one therapy and will be running therapeutic activity groups once the service is established and we have consulted with clients about what types of groups they would find most helpful.

Contact: Jude Boyles on 0114 3990802 or

Refugee Telephone Therapeutic Counselling (RTTC)

RRCP PIc 2Sudden dispersal can interrupt the therapeutic relationship we are striving to build with our clients, which can stop them from getting the support they need from the Refugee Council. To respond to this we have piloted an innovative project offering telephone therapeutic counselling with asylum seekers and refugees who get dispersed before finishing their allocated sessions.

RTTC is delivered in the client’s first language where ever possible and with an interpreter if not. Dispersed clients are offered a holistic telephone assessment and a session to design a collaborative therapeutic plan which will include psycho-educational topics to help them integrate into their new life in the UK. The feedback so far has been very positive and clients report feeling less isolated, better supported and more able to engage with local services.