Our Therapeutic Care Approach

Having to flee your country of origin and going through traumatic experiences can create nostalgic disorientation and emotions that we cannot make sense of. This can result in overwhelming feelings of loss, confusion, low moods, anxiety, anger and frustration or even fear and terror.

Not knowing how to navigate our lives or how to respond to such emotions and situations often makes us feel helpless stuck and can risk losing sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Our therapeutic care approach helps to bring perspective and make sense of our situations by reducing distress so we can start to feel more in control of our lives.

Our approach is influenced very much by Narrative therapy, Mindfulness and the Maslow hierarchy of needs. This means that our focus is on reducing distress through enhancing self-awareness, understanding the choices we make, making sense of and coming to terms with past traumatic experiences, becoming responsible for our own lives, clarifying our goals and working in the 'here and now'.

We recognise the multiple levels of needs presented by our client group and hence our framework is a combination of practical intervention and emotional support collaborating within a multidisciplinary approach.

We provide a safe and reflective space in a respectful, supportive and impartial manner where we can tell and re-author our narrative taking an honest outlook at our current thoughts, attitudes, feelings and how this manifest to our behaviour which may prevent us from engaging with the process at hand.

Our approach takes into account the clients positive assets and resilience where we can tap into and learn about ourselves in a way that can be more meaningful and purposeful in re-establishing our lives.

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