Bring warmth to children like Jamal and Amir this winter

Vulnerable refugee children need the vital support of children’s advisors like Ewan. This winter, you can help continue his crucial work.

As the nights draw in and the Christmas holiday approaches, many of us look forward to happy times with our families and loved ones.

The heart-breaking truth is that this is not the case for thousands of refugee children in the UK. They face loneliness, misery and uncertainty this winter.

Jamal and Amir arrived recently from South Sudan, a country ravaged by brutal civil war. Moved from London to Leeds, the boys found themselves alone in a strange city, not knowing what would happen next. Nobody had explained what was happening to them. This would be confusing to an adult, let alone a vulnerable, frightened child.

Every year, refugee children reach the UK after truly horrendous journeys and experiences in their home countries. Having fled violence, war and persecution, more refugee children than ever arrived in the UK last year. In 2016, there were a staggering 3,290 applications for asylum by unaccompanied children. Arriving alone and separated from their families, they immediately face a complex, confusing asylum system. Traumatised and unable to understand or speak English, they are often left disorientated and afraid. 

Thankfully, Refugee Council children’s advisor Ewan is able to offer his expert support and advice. With the help of a translator, he clearly explained to Jamal and Amir the next steps in their asylum process, reassuring them that Refugee Council would be by their side throughout. He was also able to give them warm coats to see them through the cold weather.

“The help we gave was a huge relief for the boys - you could hear it in their voices”, said Ewan. “They came to me confused, wearing t-shirts despite the chilly weather. It was great to be able to send them on their way wrapped up warm, and with a better understanding of what their futures might hold”.

We can’t undo the horror of refugee children’s experiences. But with your help, we can change the course of their futures. Your donation today could help a child like Jamal or Amir get the support they need to thrive.

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