The Board of Trustees comprises up to 13 members who are selected on the basis of an open recruitment process by the Board. A skills and experience audit is undertaken to ensure that the Board has the ability to undertake its governance role in a competent manner.

The Board currently meets four times a year in London. There is also a Resources Sub Committee chaired by the Honorary Treasurer and composed of three other trustees and a Nominations Committee of three trustees. Our trustees are not paid for their work, although their expenses are met by the Refugee Council.

As at April 2018 the trustees are: 

  • Andrew Halper, Chair * #
  • Zaeem Haq
  • Aneil Jhumat *
  • Vaughan Jones *
  • Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard GCMG
  • Anne McLoughlin #
  • Salah Mohamed
  • Rachael Orr
  • Clare Paterson
  • Gerry Power
  • Lyndall Stein #
  • Nick Whitaker, Honorary Treasurer *

* Resource Sub Committee member

# Nominations Sub Committee member