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Children and young people

We are the only national service offering support to all unaccompanied refugee children who arrive alone seeking safety in England.

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Many of the children we support have endured appalling horrors. They have seen their homes destroyed, loved ones killed, been tortured or trafficked. They have taken long, terrifying journeys to reach safety.


unaccompanied children were supported in 2018

We are there for them. We provide asylum and welfare support, help trafficked children and those whose age has been disputed. We offer mental health therapy to help the children come to terms with their experiences.

We also help them with issues such as their care arrangements, education, health issues and other concerns. Or we can simply be someone to talk to when there is no one else to turn to. In 2017/18:


young people whose age was disputed got help with their claim


children who had been trafficked were helped to rebuild their lives


children attend our youth development activities

Children's stories

"The Refugee Council has helped me so much. I pray that my mother is alive and that one day I can tell her that the Refugee Council has been my mother while I’ve been away. It has been my shelter." Refugee child Croydon

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