When a child arrives in the UK as a refugee, they see their new home as a place of safety from the conflict and persecution they left behind. But even when their asylum claim is accepted a new ordeal awaits them.

Current UK law allows adult refugees rebuilding their lives in the country to sponsor their immediate family members to join them. Child refugees, however, are completely deprived this right.

We are fighting to change these rules and reunite more refugees with their family.

The Families Together coalition is made up of over 100 organisations including the Refugee Council.

The coalition is calling for:

● Child refugees to be able to sponsor their parents and siblings
● Adult refugees to be able to sponsor their parents
● The reintroduction of legal aid for refugee family reunion.

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    No Dad Jokes Without Dad
    Help us change the law to reunite refugee children with their parents: you can start by sharing the dad jokes that refugee parents can't.
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    Mother’s Day campaign
    This Mother’s Day, call on the Government to take action to reunite refugee families.
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    New video calls on Government to reunite refugee families
    Right now, unfair rules in the UK are keeping refugee families apart. Many refugees are not allowed to reunite with their families in the UK and for those who can, it only extends to their partner and their children.
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    Without my mum: separated child refugees in the UK
    Every single day refugee children in the UK are being kept apart from their parents, sisters and brothers as a direct result of restrictive UK rules around refugee family reunion.