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London Destitution Service

Our service helps people who are destitute due to their stage in the asylum process.

The complex and difficult asylum process means asylum seekers often find themselves destitute. Administrative faults, or poor representation and guidance, affect the outcomes of their claims and their ability to receive financial support.

Many of those who use our destitution service are in the process of making a fresh asylum claim based on new evidence. Sadly, they remain destitute and often find themselves in limbo. They are severely marginalised, often sleeping rough and living an isolated life without knowing who to turn to.

How we help

We do an initial assessment and deal with their emergency needs such as helping them find temporary accommodation or getting any urgent medical help they are entitled to. We provide information about the asylum process, advise them on how to get a lawyer and signpost them to other services.

We also liaise with Migrant Help to find them into asylum accommodation. At our drop-in centre, people can also have a shower, use the laundry and computers and have a proper meal in safe, social environment.

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You can support our work with destitute asylum seekers by making a donation or volunteering on one of our projects.

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