Infoline - Refugee Council


Infoline is an England-wide signposting, information and casework service. The service works with people seeking asylum who are experiencing, or at risk of, crisis and destitution.

Our opening hours are 9.30–12.30 on Mondays and Thursdays

Telephone: 0808 196 7272

What we offer

The Infoline connects people seeking asylum, and those who have received a decision on an asylum claim and are still in asylum support accommodation, with relevant information and services in order to avoid or reduce crisis and destitution.

Signposting is provided by trained volunteers, who are supervised by experienced advisors.  Our advisors provide a limited advice, short-term advocacy and casework service. Referrals for casework depend on criteria and capacity, and are reviewed weekly.

Please note that Migrant Help are the key service for people requiring help with claiming asylum and asylum support. They can be contacted on 0808 8010 503 or by visiting their website.

Who it's for

Who can use the Infoline?

  • Adults seeking asylum in England: including people who have not yet submitted an asylum claim, people with an active asylum claim, and people who have received a refusal on an asylum claim and who are unable to return to their country of origin.
  • Adults who have been recognised as refugees (or have received Humanitarian Protection) in England and are still living in asylum support accommodation.

What types of enquiries can we help with?

We accept enquiries from people in England relating to:

  • avoiding or reducing crisis
  • overcoming destitution: accessing essential financial support, finding somewhere safe to stay, accessing essential food and clothes
  • where to go for support if you are worried about being sent to Rwanda
  • how to access immigration advice and what to do in a crisis
  • navigating the asylum support system, including for people not accessing support, and for people in hotels (initial and contingency accommodation)
  • what to do if asked to leave asylum support accommodation
  • accessing healthcare
  • understanding rights and entitlements.

We are a very small team. Please be patient if you find it difficult to reach us.

Please note: The Infoline is unable to respond to third parties, unless specific consent of the person the query relates to is provided. 


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