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Mental health support for adults

Asylum seekers and refugees are among the most vulnerable people in society. If they are to stand a chance of rebuilding shattered lives, their mental wellbeing is paramount.

Our mental health services are open to all asylum seekers and refugees who need to share their experiences, heal following traumatic events and look to the future with positivity. Our counsellors help them to reduce distress, providing specialist support that is tailored to their individual needs. We help them to understand the choices they make, and make sense of and come to terms with their past.

“After leaving my homeland I felt so sad and was filled with guilt and shame. Thanks to being able to talk about this with you and practicing the mindfulness exercises you provided I have been able to sleep properly for the first time in months.” Client of our mental health services

Gender-sensitive and specific services are an important element of the support we provide. We offer sessions to men in the initial accommodation where they are placed by the government after claiming asylum. If they are later dispersed elsewhere in the UK, we continue support with telephone counselling.

Many women seeking asylum are fleeing sexual and other forms of gender-based violence in their home countries. We ensure they are cared for by experts who are experienced in supporting women in a safe and nurturing environment.

From one-to-one to group sessions, we help all refugees referred to us who need somebody to talk to, regardless of their experiences or location within the UK.

Following counselling during 2017/18:


said their therapy had made a positive difference


said they were better able to manage their feelings
“Words cannot express how grateful I am. You heard and understood me at a time when I was in the worst state I had ever experienced”. Client of our mental health service

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