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Fair Shot

A football movement uniting fans across the country towards a goal of fairness and compassion for all.

Fair Shot is a football movement supported by the Refugee Council and Comic Relief that is partnering with major football clubs across England, including Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham, to spark a positive conversation about refugees among fans.

As fans we may come from all walks of life, but we all share a passion for the beautiful game.


Fair Shot FC


We have brought together a group of players from refugee backgrounds to form Fair Shot FC: a football squad made up of players from countries such as Syria, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and El Salvador.

Throughout next season we will travel with these players as they meet with football fans around the country and share the positive impact football has had on their lives.

“I couldn’t expect this opportunity. It feels like a dream coming true.” – Manar, Fair Shot FC player, from Syria


Football clubs

From the start of the 2024/25 football season, Fair Shot will partner with Premier League team Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, and Rotherham to host friendly 5-a-side matches and challenges with the clubs’ fans and Fair Shot FC.

Football clubs are at the heart of communities across the country – they bring people together on and off the pitch, giving them a sense of connection and belonging.

By partnering with these clubs, Fair Shot aims to create new conversations among fans about the fair and humane treatment of all, on and off the pitch.

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