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Rent a home to refugees

Whether you’re an experienced landlord or have never let a room before, we can support you every step of the way.

People who have been granted refugees status are given just 28 days to sort their lives out before they have to leave asylum accommodation. For most this proves impossible and many of those without children become homeless.

Refugees make very reliable and respectful tenants. Having been through such turmoil, fleeing their home country and then as a person seeking asylum, refugees are keen to have a safe and stable home.

Our Private Rented Scheme in London works with landlords and refugees who are on a low wage or are in receipt of benefits. We offer landlords and tenants a range of support services and financial insurances in order to create sustainable tenancies.

We help take the risk out of letting, making your job easier:

  • Access to eligible prospective tenants who have been vetted and provided with pre-tenancy training on their responsibilities.
  • Support to help ensure that tenancies are sustained.
  • Most refugees don’t have any savings because the Home Office does not allow them to work while they wait for their asylum case to be decided. We can offer landlords a deposit bond on their behalf.
  • We can advise on changes in the law and upcoming legislation
  • We handle all the paperwork including the inventory and act as mediators if disputes arise.
  • We support tenants to enable them to maintain their tenancies

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If you are a London landlord or have a spare room to rent please get in touch at the details below.

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