Why give from your salary?

  • You can give more: Donations are taken from your pay pre-tax, meaning your donation can be worth at least 20% more at no extra cost to you
  • It’s really flexible: You can donate as much or as little as you like and you can amend or stop your donation any time you choose
  • It helps provide long-term support: by giving a regular, reliable donation you can help Refugee Council plan and deliver effective long term support for refugees in the UK

How much will Refugee Council receive?

Refugee Council will receive at least 20% more than the amount you pay because the donation is taken pre-tax. This means it’s an especially beneficial way of giving for those on higher tax bands.

Your donation amount

Your tax band

£5 £10 £25
20% we receive
we receive
we receive
40% we receive
we receive
we receive
45% we receive
we receive
we receive

How do I give from my salary?

Ask your employer if they already have a registered payroll giving scheme you can give through. If they do, your payroll representative should be able to give you a form to fill in and you can specify Refugee Council as your charity of choice.

If your employer doesn’t have payroll scheme, they can easily register with a payroll agency. They can find out more information at HM Revenue & Customs.

Find out more

If you are an employer or an individual who would like more information about donating through your salary, please get in touch with our Supporter Care team, Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

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