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Helping refugees to rebuild lives

We support refugees from the moment they are given the right to remain in the UK by the Home Office – from crisis support for those at risk of homelessness, to accessing health care and finding a job.

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The challenges facing people seeking asylum in the UK don’t end when they are granted refugee status. For many, this marks the beginning of a new crisis. They are given just 28 days to secure an income and find a place to live before they are evicted from the accommodation in which the government has placed them. This is a huge barrier many must overcome before they can begin rebuilding their lives – securing an income, and becoming integrated into their communities.


post-status refugees get just 28 days to find a home and income – or become homeless and destitute

We are there for them at this critical time and beyond. We provide crisis support and help to secure accommodation. And we ensure other basic needs are met by helping them access health services to improve their physical and mental health. We also help them to understand the UK health service and so they can get the care they are entitled to.

To enable refugees to achieve long-term confidence and independence, we provide training to improve their English and other vocational skills or build on existing qualifications. And we support them into employment that can sustain them and enable them to thrive.


people received our crisis advice and support in 2018


people were supported through our Health Access for Refugees programme


refugees received employment support

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