Mother's Day campaign - Refugee Council

Mother’s Day campaign

This Mother’s Day, call on the Government to take action to reunite refugee families.

While many are looking forward to Mother’s Day on 19th March, for others it’s a hard time. This is true for refugee children who are separated from their mums because of the UK’s unfair family reunion rules.

Many refugees are not allowed to reunite with their families in the UK and for those who can, it only extends to their partner and their children.

Show your support

Digital Mother's Day card

Write a message of support for separated families on our virtual card, which we will be sending to Robert Jenrick, Minister for Immigration, so that he can read your messages and see the level of public support for reuniting refugee families.

Write a message

Send a Mother's Day card to your MP

1. Make your Mother's Day card

Get creative! Here is some inspiration. Get creative! Here is some inspiration.

2. Write a message to your MP inside the card

You can write your own message or use our template below. 

If you have time, it’s always best to write about why you personally care.

You can find out who your MP is here.

  • Dear _______ MP

    Right now, refugee children in the UK are separated from their parents because of the UK’s unfair family reunion rules.

    When adult refugees arrive in the UK, they’re entitled to sponsor some close family members to join them. Children are not.

    This doesn’t make sense. It’s much harder for refugee children to focus at school or make new friends when they’re constantly worrying about the safety of their mum, dad, brother or sister.

    All of the UK’s closest neighbours allow refugee children to sponsor their parents to join them in safety.

    The Government must change the rules so that families can be together. This is a quick and simple change to the UK’s Immigration Rules.

    Will you let me know how you will take action to reunite refugee families?

    [Your full name and address]

3. Share on social media

Take a photo of your card and put it on social media. Use the hashtags #MothersDay & #WithoutMyMum. Please tag @refugeecouncil and you can even tag your MP in the post too.

IMPORTANT: Include your full name and address in the card.

MPs can only respond to letters from their constituents, so they need to see your address to verify that you live in their constituency. 

NOTE: If you are posting your card on social media, be careful that your address isn’t visible.

4. Send to your MP

Put your card in an envelope and send it to your MP at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Make sure to clearly include your MP’s name on the envelope. For example, if your MP was called John Smith, you should write on the envelope: 

John Smith MP
House of Commons