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Youth Development Project

Our Youth Development Project helps newly arrived young asylum seekers learn to cope with the many and varied challenges they face. We run classes and social activities to help them to begin or continue their education, develop social skills, build self-confidence and start to trust again.

Learning with peers, joining group workshops and engaging in social activities helps young people to make friends, reduce their sense of isolation, and feel supported and hopeful for the future.

Education classes bring stability and structure to the children’s lives as well as help them learn about life in the UK. We provide English as a Second Language and maths classes to improve their skills and confidence as they wait for places in mainstream education.

“Teachers have helped me to learn English. It is very good. It is fantastic. Thank you very much to the Refugee Council." 17-year-old boy, Sudan

With the help of some amazing volunteers, we also run weekly creative workshops. These include sessions where children play musical instruments and sing together, hone their artistic skills and try their hands at drama.

"You help me to find the purpose, direction and vision in life again and you are helping me to achieve it - I am forever grateful." Young person


children attend our English and Maths classes in 2018


children took part in our wide range of supportive activities

Activity highlight: Girls Group

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If you work with unaccompanied refugee children and would like to make a referral to the Youth Development Project, find out more and get in touch using the details below.

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