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Youth Development Project – educational services

Maths and English for unaccompanied refugee children

Hybrid learning: our weekly English and Maths classes are offered both in-person and online, and the provision is for the newly arrived young people who are yet to secure places in school or college.

Young people not enrolled in the mainstream education who wish to enrol in our English Classes need to complete registration forms which are available from the Croydon office or by contacting the Youth Development team.

What we offer

In addition to weekly English and Maths classes we provide:

  • Advice on accessing education to young people, their foster carers and support workers
  • Liaison with local schools and colleges
  • A range of other activities such as trips and short training sessions to help young people learn new skill during the school holidays
  • Young people registered for Children’s Section English Classes get priority to attend all our other recreational activities

Who it's for

  • Newly arrived separated young people
  • Those not currently attending school or college

How to access this service

Contact the Youth Development Team, at the details below.  

Contact Details