Youth Development Project - young people's social evening - Refugee Council

Youth Development Project – young people’s social evening

Fun and creative activities for unaccompanied refugee children

Weekly workshops are run by Refugee Council volunteers in partnership with various external facilitators. These workshops provide an opportunity for children to meet with friends and access peer and adult support.

Young people get time to have fun with each other while taking part in drawing, poetry, music and live cooking via Zoom.

Our social evening takes place every Wednesday at 4pm-7pm. It is part of our Youth Development Project.

What we offer

Activities include:

  • Song writing
  • Applied theatre
  • Photography
  • Public speaking
  • Film making
  • Budgeting
  • Employability workshops
  • Table football, pool and board games

Who it's for

  • Newly arrived separated young people
  • Those not currently attending school or college

How to access this service

Contact the Youth Development Team, at the details below.

Contact Details