At the Refugee Council we are firmly committed to ensuring both lived and learned experience are given equal weight, respect, value and importance.

We have set out a strategy for expanding and improving the involvement of refugees in all aspects of the Refugee Council’s work over the next three years. It is an integral part of the Refugee Council’s Strategic Plan to 2025 and aligns with our core value of inclusion of refugees.

What is Refugee Involvement?

Involving refugees in the work of the Refugee Council means that the work is done with or by refugees, rather than being done to or for them. It means that refugees work in partnership with staff in all parts of the organisation, to shape and influence decision-making at all levels.

Delivery of the plan

"Our delivery plan emphasises learning through doing, and sharing that learning across the organisation. This will help to create a supportive culture and the change in mind-set and behaviour necessary for refugee involvement to be meaningful." Enver Solomon - CEO, Refugee Council

Download our Refugee Involvement Strategy and Delivery Plan

Refugee Involvement Strategy

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Refugee Involvement Delivery Plan

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