Vision, Purpose and Values - Refugee Council

Vision, Purpose and Values

Since the day the Refugee Council was formed in 1951, we have been proud to welcome refugees and help them to rebuild their lives. Seventy years on, our 2021-2025 strategy outlines our constant and unwavering commitment to continue this work.

Our vision

Refugees are welcome to live safe and fulfilling lives contributing to the UK.

Our purpose

To work with refugees to transform their experience of seeking protection in the UK.

Our values

  • Inclusive: We are inclusive. We work with—not for—refugees and people seeking asylum, so they have an equal voice, co-producing projects and ensuring their expertise and experiences are at the heart of what we do.
  • Collaborative: We are collaborative. Working with others is a priority in order to have the collective impact that is vital to achieve policy and practice reform.
  • Courageous: We speak out when we see injustice, cruelty and unfairness. We always stand up for what we believe is the right thing to do to transform the experiences of those seeking protection in our country.
  • Respectful: We are respectful of all those we interact with. We treat everyone—our staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and people we disagree with—with the same respect, professionalism and understanding.

To be effective, we need to focus on specific key ambitions that will inspire and mobilise refugees, our staff, volunteers, supporters and partners.

Our ambitions to 2025

  • We will successfully press Government and other agencies to take action that significantly improves refugee protection.
  • We will significantly improve access to quality support for refugees in crisis and those seeking to integrate into the UK.
  • We will successfully influence improved public attitudes to refugees in new and imaginative ways to reform the hostile environment that impacts their lives.