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Age Dispute Project

The Age Dispute Project works with children who are assessed to be over 18 years of age by the Home Office or local authorities. Advisers from the Age Dispute Project work to ensure that young people have access to the support they are entitled to as children under UK law.

The Age Dispute Project will re-open to new referrals for potential clients in the London area from 1st September. While new referrals will be logged from this date, it is unlikely that we will be able to make contact with new clients or referrers until the following week, given the existing volume of work. We are sorry to say that we will not be able to open to referrals from outside London until further notice, because of continuing capacity issues.

What we offer

We provide:

  • One to one support and advice with intensive casework
  • Quick resolution with local authorities without recourse to legal advice where possible
  • Support with legal representation where needed
  • Advice and training for practitioners

Who it's for

Young people who have been age disputed by either the Home Office or by local authorities

How to access this service

To refer a young person to the Age Dispute Project please contact the team at the details below.