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My View Children’s Therapy

My View children's therapy service is a safe, confidential place for young people to get well-being support through talking, individual creative work, or group therapeutic support.

“I did not have any hope when I first came here. I was thinking to harm myself but you have supported me and gave me education to myself. I feel confidence and you have given me so much. Thank you so much!”

Dear Referrer,

Thank you for placing your trust in our services for you and the young people in your care.

Unfortunately, due to high demand we are at capacity right now. But we do recommend visiting our website regularly to stay updated on any changes or announcements regarding the waiting list.

Gratefully yours

My View Team

What we offer

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Creative and dramatherapy groups
  • Gardening therapy
  • Psycho-social groups
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Regular training and workshops for other professionals working with separated child refugees
  • Capacity building for local authorities to address the specific needs of young refugees

Who it's for

  • Children (12-21 years old) who are in the UK without their families, and who are seeking asylum.
  • The service is available in London, East of England, and Yorkshire and Humberside with the possibility of face-to-face or online sessions available.
  • The service is also available remotely to young people across England.
  • Referrals will also be considered for young people who are currently being age-assessed or who have been waiting a long time for an initial asylum interview

How to access this service

While our waiting lists remain closed due to the high demand, we hope to open them again soon.  As such, please find our referral form below for your records.  We look forward to receiving your referrals in the near future. Gratefully yours My View Team

My View Referral Form