Private Rented Scheme London - Refugee Council

Private Rented Scheme London

Help finding affordable accommodation through sustainable tenancies.

If you have become homeless as a result of being granted protection in the UK, we can help you.

What we offer

  • An initial assessment to ensure that we can meet your needs
  • One-to-one and group sessions to learn about how to effectively manage life in your new homes
  • Weekly drop-in property search sessions for help finding affordable accommodation
  • Advice and assistance with finding accommodation
  • Help with accessing housing benefit (if required)
  • Help applying for loans or grants to help with rent deposits
  • Advice and support to help you sustain your tenancy
  • Advice on training & employment

Our support does not end once a tenancy is secured. We provide on-going support throughout the life of the tenancy offering advice and guidance on issues relating to training, education and employment.

Who it's for

You an access this service if you:

  • Have refugee status
  • Are single and aged over 25
  • Are NOT in priority need with local authority
  • Receive a low wage or are receiving benefits

How to access this service

Contact us at the details below.