Refugee Advice Project London - Refugee Council

Refugee Advice Project London

Advice for people recently granted refugee status

If you have recently been granted refugee status, the Home Office (NASS) support you may have been receiving will generally end within 28 days. As soon as you are notified of your refugee status you should act quickly to ensure that you access any required mainstream support through the Department of Work and Pensions, Local Authorities, etc.

If you live in London, the Refugee Council runs an advice service for newly recognised refugees who are homeless or at risk of destitution.

Need information now?

Our information pack will help you access support you are entitled to as a refugee.

What we offer

To discuss the issues you might be encountering or to make an appointment, please contact us.

We can advise new refugees on issues relating to:

  • Immigration documentation
  • Welfare rights
  • Housing
  • Access to health services

Who it's for

You can access this service if you have:

  • Received refugee status within the last 6 months

How to access this service

Contact us at the details below. This is strictly an appointment based service only that is based in Stratford, East London. Unfortunately we cannot deal with drop-in clients. We have far more demand than we can meet so currently prioritise those in most need.