Refugee Council comment on the latest asylum statistics released today by the Home Office - Refugee Council
August 30, 2002

Refugee Council comment on the latest asylum statistics released today by the Home Office

Commenting on the UK asylum statistics for the second quarter, published by the Home Office, Nick Hardwick, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council said:

“Only yesterday we heard the tragic news of the brutal murder of an asylum seeker in a racist attack.

“Today the Government’s latest statistics show a further increase in the numbers of asylum seekers given a positive decision to stay in this country.

“Home Office figures show that well over 50 per cent of asylum seekers are given permission to stay in this country: 43 per cent of initial decisions that have been properly assessed resulted in applicants being given the right to remain in this country for their protection and around one in four appeals are now being overturned – in comparison to about one in five this time last year.

“You only need look at the top four nationalities – Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Somalia – of those seeking asylum in this last quarter to see that this increase proves that the majority of asylum seekers are fleeing for their lives from harsh and oppressive regimes.

“In the light of these figures, yesterday’s shocking news tells us there’s an urgent need for politicians and the media to send clear messages to the public so there’s a greater understanding and awareness of the real issues affecting asylum seekers and what forces then to come to this country.”


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