Special Refugee Week screening of "The Underground Orchestra" - Refugee Council
June 5, 2002

Special Refugee Week screening of “The Underground Orchestra”

ScreenStation and the Refugee Council present ‘The Underground Orchestra‘ by Heddy Honigmann at a special screening on Wednesday 19 June, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, 7pm. £7/£5 concs. Box office 020 7733 2229.

Including a special preview of ‘Snakeboy and the Sandcastle‘ by Beryl Richards.

Introduced by leading comedian and social commentator Mark Thomas, who will give a short talk after the film, plus an opportunity to have your questions answered.

The Underground Orchestra, Netherlands 1998, 108 mins.

“Musicians playing on the sidewalks of Paris and in the Metro are the subject of this glorious documentary by Heddy Honigmann.

A ragtag bunch of international bohemians—an Argentine pianist, Romanian father and son violinists, a Venezuelan harpist, singers form Mali and Vietnam—are united by their experiences with political repression, and by a luminous spirit and boundless courage that led them to flee any number of horrendous situations throughout the world.

Finding refuge in Paris, music becomes their economic lifeline, but as this film makes movingly clear, it is also a shining metaphor for their will to survive.” — Film Forum, NYC.

Tickets on sale now. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Post film music session with DJ Misha (Yakutsk) and Lemez Lovas (YadArts) Ritzy Cafe 9-12pm. Free. DJ Misha is a former Russian army sergeant who began his career playing the Dead Kennedys to comrades in T72 combat tanks.

Presenter of the Tabyk Big Chill now working in Moscow and London. Lemez Lovas is a Magyar musical alchemist and member of the Jewish YadArts collective.

ScreenStation is a projective collective programming films and special events with global cinema and sounds from outside the mainstream.

For information about ScreenStation call Andy Jones on 07960 393785. For information about the Refugee Council call Jean Candler on 020 7820 3057.

Refugee Week runs from 17-23 June and is a nationwide series of events to celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK and encourages people to take a positive look at the asylum issue in Britain. For more information visit the Refugee Week website