Refugee Week 2002: 17 to 23 June - Refugee Council
June 20, 2001

Refugee Week 2002: 17 to 23 June

Refugee Council release

Thousands of revellers all over the country are preparing to take part in the annual Refugee Week festival that celebrates the rich cultural heritage that asylum seekers and refugees bring to this country.

The festivities, to include more than 300 events taking place in seventy towns and cities around the UK, will feature music and dance from all over the world, spectacular visual arts, thought-provoking theatre and film, football tournaments, lively political debates and much more.

For more information please log on to the Refugee Week website at

Or for press enquiries, please contact:

Jean Candler, Refugee Council, 020 7820 3057
Claire Doole, UNHCR, 020 7932 1020
Damien Wilson, Save the Children, 020 7716 2063
Leigh Daynes, Refugee Action, 020 7654 7700
Neil Durkin, Amnesty International UK, 020 7814 6241