Summer sleepouts highlight destitution - Refugee Council
June 26, 2007

Summer sleepouts highlight destitution

The issue of destitution of refused asylum seekers is huge for the Refugee Council. Like many churches, charities and community organisations across the country, we are the ones left picking up the pieces when people have nothing else to eat and nowhere else to go.

That’s why we are a major player in the Still Human Still Here campaign, which is lobbying to end destitution through the UK Borders Bill which is currently being debated by peers. If you are a parli geek you can read the full House of Lords debate of the UK Borders Bill here. Incidentally, the Bill is about to be scrutinised by peers next week, and we are pushing for an amendment that will make sure that no-one is left destitute while they are in the UK.

And our campaigners have done a sterling job in highlighting the issue—most recently by holding a number of sleepouts across the country. Read the online diary of Tim Finch, the Refugee Council’s Director of Communications, who embarked on an epic journey (80 hours around England—not quite Jules Verne) across the country providing moral support to the hardy sleeper-outers, and narrowly avoiding the flooding…