Draft Queen's Speech reveals another asylum bill - Refugee Council
May 14, 2008

Draft Queen’s Speech reveals another asylum bill

By Jonathan, Campaigns and Public Affairs team

It is less than a week since the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill (see here) received Royal Assent and became the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act.  And with the wax barely dry on Her Majesty’s seal, a whole raft of new legislation was revealed today in Gordon Brown’s draft Queen’s Speech.  And because no Queen’s Speech is complete without a proposed new law relating to asylum and immigration, the Citizenship, Immigration and Borders (CIB) Bill was announced.

The CIB Bill will be consulted on over the summer before the actual Queen’s Speech (made by the Queen, not Gordon Brown) in November.

And that’s about all we know for sure at the moment.  Further details will be released “in due course”, so watch this space for updates.

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