@ChildrensComm question: Who should see new evidence about Mohibullah's age? - Refugee Council
December 2, 2010

@ChildrensComm question: Who should see new evidence about Mohibullah’s age?

Q: @ChildrensComm (Twitter) – If Mohibullah had evidence of his age, who would be best to present that evidence to – UKBA or the young people’s local authority?

A: Francesco – Thanks for getting in touch Children’s Commissioner! The UKBA do make their own decisions, but it will be usually be based on the local authority’s original assessment, so the evidence should go to the local authority if it is information that they haven’t already considered. However, it will be important for Mohib’s legal representative helping him with his asylum claim to see the information too as it will almost certainly also affect the claim itself. They may want to pass it on directly to the UKBA anyway.