Campaigning together - Refugee Council
May 8, 2009

Campaigning together

Anna Musgrave introduces the Refugee Council’s new Refugee Empowerment Project

Many Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) deal with the consequences of UK government policy on refused asylum seekers as destitute people turn to them for support. This is one of many areas where RCOs are well-positioned to campaign. Why? Because they are working at a grassroots level and understand the issue.

We are therefore excited to offer a unique partnership opportunity: We are looking for 6-10 RCOs based in Barnet, Brent or Camden to work with us on a new one year campaigning project that aims to tackle the problem of destitution of asylum seekers. In a series of workshops delivered by campaigning specialists, you will build on your skills, look at different campaigning tools and techniques and learn together what works and what doesn’t. You will need to make a big commitment of time and energy but your RCO will be amply rewarded with experience of effective campaigning.

This is an exciting opportunity for you and other members of your RCO to develop your skills and experience, and potential employability; and to build the capacity of your RCO to campaign and affect policy change. You’ll get the chance to learn with other refugees, and receive expert training as well as to make a difference to the lives of destitute asylum seekers in your communities.

Costs: The workshops are free. Additionally, each RCO will receive between £1,000 and £3,000 to cover the costs of their involvement in the project.

For more information please contact Anna Musgrave:
Tel: 020 7346 6744