Discovery Of The Talents video transcript - Refugee Council
June 3, 2009

Discovery Of The Talents video transcript

Here’s the transcript for the video we made last year about The Discovery Of The Talents project in Birmingham.

Caption: The Discovery of the Talents was founded in 2006 by Justin Nsiko Bankwa, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 2008, with help from the Basis Project, they got funding from Trafford Hall for an allotment project in Birmingham.

Caption: David Hirst, the Basis Project Organisational Development Officer in the West Midlands.

“I’ve known Justin and his group probably for about a year and I’ve supported their willingness to get an allotment and encouraged them – I sent a few emails to the council when they lost their application and generally encouraged them.”

Caption: They plan to plant a range of fruit and vegetables, including some that also grow in DRC.


“First of all we plant callaloo, which we are 100% sure will grow up here. And we will try other fruit and other vegetables like cabbage, beans and maize which we are 100% sure will grow.”

Caption: The Discovery of the Talents wants to encourage as many refugees as possible to work on and enjoy the allotment. They plan to expand the allotment to accommodate as many people as wish to join them.


“It is a very good experience for us. When, one day, if I am back in the Congo, I can see which is the best place to do an allotment project.”

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