Working with Refugee Community Organisations - Refugee Council
October 16, 2009

Working with Refugee Community Organisations

Date: 26th November 2009, 10.30 -16.30 (Registration 10.00)

Venue: Lambeth Accord, 336 Brixton Road, SW9 7AA

This is a new free event jointly organised by LVSC, the Basis Project and the Evelyn Oldfield Unit.

Who is it for?
The event is for anyone advising refugee community organisations (RCOs) as part of a generalist workload, or in a specialist provision for particular groups. This includes front-line advisors, project managers, small groups workers and community development workers.

It will present opportunities for you to: 

  • Learn more about the RCO experience in London
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the barriers that RCOs face and to explore ‘hidden’ barriers that they may experience
  • Share your experience of working with RCOs – what works well, what is not so effective
  • Identify and share experience of effective tools for working with RCOs
  • Work together to recommend ways that mainstream VCS organisations can improve their practice in working with RCOs

You will hear directly from representatives of RCOs about their experiences of advice and guidance – what has worked well for them, and where they have experienced barriers.  The event will be very interactive, and you will have the opportunity to share your experiences, gain insights from colleagues and from RCOs themselves about how to develop effective practice.


Refugee Community Organisations in London
Presentations to highlight some of the main issues affecting RCOs in London.

Grassroots Experience
Representatives from Refugee community organisations talk about what works for them, and where the barriers are.

Workshop Groups

1. Tools for improved practice –an opportunity to share practical experience of what works for you and to get new ideas from colleagues and RCOs
2. Barriers – a session to explore the barriers that RCOs may experience in getting the support their need and to look at ways these can be overcome. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the RCO experience, especially of some of the ‘hidden’ ways that RCOs can experience exclusion.

Each workshop will be run twice to enable everyone to participate and contribute, and the day will end with a plenary discussion.

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