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March 5, 2010

Working with refugee community organisations

Working with refugee community organisations (RCOs)
26 November 2009 Brixton Accord


‘Working with Refugee Community Organisations’, an event jointly organised by London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC), the Refugee Council’s Basis project (RC) and the Evelyn Oldfield Unit (EOU), took place on Thursday 26 November 2009 at Brixton Accord. The programme targeted second-tier advisors and development workers, bringing representatives from RCOs together with second-tier advisors to discuss relevant issues of development work with RCOs.

At the event LVSC, RC and EOU gave presentations on the similarities, differences and challenges of working with RCOs compared with development work with other community organisations. Three RCOs also gave presentations on their experiences of working with development workers. Workshops allowed attendees to discuss the challenges of development work with RCOs as well as some tools that can be used to overcome these challenges. Attendees could place anonymous questions on the ‘question wall’, which were answered and discussed later in the day.

Download a full report on the evnt  (pdf)