'Big Squeeze' survey from LVSC - Refugee Council
May 18, 2011

‘Big Squeeze’ survey from LVSC

London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) and its partners have launched a third‘Big Squeeze’ survey to study the impact of the recession and public spendingcuts on the capital’s voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations and theLondoners they serve.

LVSC is seeking responses from across London’s VCS to ensure it gathers thefullest picture on the cuts to these organisations and their services. Thesurvey is an opportunity for organisations to voice the issues affecting them asa result of spending cuts and the recession. The information can help influencestrategic policy and decision-makers to understand the impact of recent cuts andthe recession and how this affects Londoners reliant on voluntary services.

LVSC is encouraging all VCS organisations in London to take part in the survey and have a say on how the cuts are affecting their organisations and the crucial services they provide toLondoners.

The survey includes questions about:

  • how the economy and changes in policy are affecting your clients, demand onservices and impacting on your organisation;
  • the impact of funding cuts on Londoners and your organisation;
  • lessons learned from challenges faced and how that learning can be takenforward.

The partners for this year’s Big Squeeze survey are:

  • London Funders
  • GreaterLondon Volunteering
  • MiNet
  • Race on the Agenda (ROTA)
  • HEAR
  • Women’s ResourceCentre (WRC)
  • London Civic Forum
  • LASA;
  • Children England
  • City Bridge Trust
  • Stonewall Housing
  • London Community Resource Network and Ethical PropertyFoundation.

The deadline to the complete the survey is Friday 27 May 2011.