Successful Refugee Health Professionals - Refugee Council
July 25, 2013

Successful Refugee Health Professionals

We’re delighted that five of our second cohort of refugee doctors from the  Refugee Health Professionals programme have been successful in the recent job interviews.

All five doctors have been supported through the programme to re-qualify and register with the General Medical Council in order to practice in the UK and are looking forward to starting work.

The project has been really successful in bringing together groups of health workers who have achieved their goal with great enthusiasm and appreciation. They have supported and motivated each other through the PLAB courses, exams and hospital placements.

We’ve even had refugees from the previous groups generously offering to share the benefits of their experiences with those following in the same  steps.

Here’s what one of the project beneficiaries had to say about their experience:

I want to inform you that I recently had an interview… 13 doctors attended the interview on that day and I became one of the five successful candidates who had been offered the job!

I would like to thank you deep down from my heart  for all your support and advice throughout the years I had been struggling to pursue my career as a medical doctor, and I really appreciate all those efforts to make my dreams come true now.

We’re absolutely thrilled that these professionals have been able to realise their career potential and are now able to contribute their skills to their host country. As another newly qualified refugee doctor said:

The programmes and preparations you are running are absolutely essential to the refugee doctors which I believe that without your professional guidance, I would not be in this position today.

The Building Bridges Programme is run by three partners: Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit-RAGU, Glowing Results and the Refugee Council.