Syrian refugees – a global responsibility - Refugee Council
September 18, 2013

Syrian refugees – a global responsibility

Today, along with Refugee Action, Scottish Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council, we published an open letter to David Cameron  calling on him to work with other EU member states to provide safe haven to Syrians fleeing the conflict.

We commend the Government for the £400 million worth of humanitarian aid it has so far provided to the countries bordering Syria but more must be done to avoid the crisis escalating further.

Figures show that 0.1% of the 2 million Syrians registered as refugees have found safety in the UK. 97% are being hosted by the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.

We would like to see EU leaders establish a Europe-wide evacuation and resettlement programme to ease the pressure on Syria’s neighbours.

Maurice Wren, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council, said: “The scale of the tragedy unfolding in Syria is unprecedented and is sending huge shockwaves across the region.

 “The UK Government and wider European Union must help ease the strain on neighbouring countries and share responsibility for protecting the most vulnerable people fleeing the conflict. The consequences of inaction are unimaginable.”

We need your help.

Please use our simple form to email your MP, asking they write to the Prime Minister to tell him that the UK must help the most vulnerable fleeing the war find safety.

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