Overcoming trauma through craft - Refugee Council
November 5, 2013

Overcoming trauma through craft

Last week Ritah, an asylum seeker supported by the Refugee Council, joined the Platforma Festival to show off some of the artwork she has created in our Creative Focus Group. The group aims to offer a place for women affected by trauma to socialise and reconnect with themselves and realise their potential. This is Ritah’s story.

The Creative Focus Group is an awakener of hidden talents for vulnerable people.

When I joined, I was so vulnerable and hurt deeply in my heart. I couldn’t believe what I had inside me and could not help myself to do anything.

I am now a changed person. I engage myself in creating new things in art and I have been able to develop new designs. I did not know I could inspire other people.

The group is such an inspirational place to attend. Each time I attend, I do not want to leave. I get to interact with different people which has helped build me up to be strong.

I am really grateful for all of the places the group has taken me, connecting me to different, inspiring things I could never think of seeing or doing. It has really motivated me that I am someone important in the world.

Ritah showcased her work done as part of the Creative Focus Women’s Group using crochet, knitting, beadwork and embroidery. Ritah is also leading on a world map using crochet techniques, beadwork and embroidery which was displayed as a work in progress at the Platforma Festival.