Report uncovers shocking treatment of detained women - Refugee Council
January 29, 2014

Report uncovers shocking treatment of detained women

Women for Refugee Women have today published a shocking new report into the detention of asylum seeking women.

Detained: Women asylum seekers locked up in the UK is based on detailed interviews with 46 women who have sought asylum and been detained in the UK which finds that contrary to Government policy, victims of rape and torture who seek asylum in the UK are being routinely detained.

The report also finds alarming levels of depression and suicidal thoughts among detained women asylum seekers; and the routine use of male guards to watch women who have been raped and tortured.

Refugee Council Policy Officer Judith Dennis said: “This report’s findings are shameful, if not surprising.

“The Refugee Council has long campaigned for the detention of all asylum seekers to end. No asylum seeking woman should ever find herself behind bars: seeking asylum is a human right, not a crime. Detaining asylum seekers is unnecessary, ineffective and expensive.

“If the Home Office insists on detaining people then it should endeavour to meet basic standards of decency. Women should not be subjected to further suffering at the hands of the UK Government. They’ve suffered enough.”