Judge orders review of asylum support rates - Refugee Council
April 9, 2014

Judge orders review of asylum support rates

A High Court Judge has today ruled that the Home Office must re-examine levels of support paid to the poorest asylum seekers.

The decision comes as a result of a court battle led by Refugee Action and supported by the Refugee Council and others to challenge the decision to freeze levels of asylum support for the third year in a row.

Currently, a single adult is only entitled to around £36 a week in support; which results in ill health and hunger for many individuals.

The Home Office has said it is considering appealing the decision.

Refugee Council Chief Executive Maurice Wren said: “This is a landmark judgement which recognises that we should not force some of the most vulnerable people in our society into poverty.

“This decision should drive change which could transform the lives of thousands of asylum seekers. It’s extremely disappointing to hear that the Home Office may appeal rather than focusing on overhauling the system to make it more humane.

“Asylum seekers come to the UK fleeing persecution and seeking safety. As they are not permitted to work, they live in enforced dependency with no clear end date.

“The Government has a duty to ensure that the system which is supposed to protect people does not cause them further harm.”

The court ordered Theresa May to reach a new decision on the level of support by 9 August.

You can find the full judgment here.