'The people in the UK really welcomed me' - Refugee Council
April 22, 2014

‘The people in the UK really welcomed me’

Mohammed is a refugee from Ethiopia. He was resettled from a refugee camp in Kenya to the UK in 2011. This is his story.

I left Ethiopia because of the political situation; I was arrested, imprisoned, beaten and tortured. The Government even took my property and sold it.

I left Ethiopia in 2001 and sought asylum in Kenya. I spent two years in Nairobi but I don’t have the words to explain what happened to me there. I left my country to be safe, but it was not safe in Nairobi.

I moved to the refugee camp in Kakuma in 2002. It wasn’t safe there either. Food, shelter and clothes weren’t really available. People were walking around without clothes.

On the 5th of November, 2011, I came to the UK.  The language and weather conditions have been challenging, but when I compare life here to life in the camp I can’t; it’s not comparable. 

This is the life of paradise, and the camp is the life of hell. It’s not a life for a human being; you wouldn’t wish it on your enemies.

I’m now in college studying ESOL and volunteering in my spare time. I’d like to be a care worker in the future.

The people in the UK really welcomed me and my family.