'I regained my confidence and ultimately found a job' - Refugee Council
January 5, 2015

‘I regained my confidence and ultimately found a job’

Jamal* is a refugee from the Middle East. Despite having many years of experience, a degree in medicine and a post graduate degree in pathology, Jamal found it difficult to find suitable employment in Britain so came to our Refugees into Jobs service. He now works as a biomedical scientist in the NHS. This is his story.

As a refugee, I experienced extreme difficulties in finding a job matching my qualifications and experience.

The main problem that I faced was the stigma associated with refugee status which shattered my confidence. My experience is that employers do not understand the unique difficulties encountered by refugees and hesitate employing them on permanent basis or supporting them to become fully integrated in the UK system.

The Refugee Council helped me a lot to overcome these difficulties. I regained my confidence and ultimately found a permanent job in an NHS trust.

I am very thankful to the Refugee Council and its associated agencies. They have been providing vital help to refugees to utilise their full potential to the benefit of their new homeland. 

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