No money, nowhere to go and a new baby - Refugee Council
February 24, 2015

No money, nowhere to go and a new baby

When Hue claimed asylum, her local authority immediately cut off her support. She had no money, nowhere to go and a new baby to care for.
The social services team simply ordered her a taxi and sent her to our destitution day centre to be looked after. The prospect of sleeping on the streets was extremely frightening and confusing for both Hue and her child. We fought Hue’s corner, explaining to the local authority that Home Office support can take weeks to begin and that Hue and her baby must be housed in the meantime. Eventually, the local authority took her back.
Sadly, Hue’s case isn’t uncommon. Your support and donations enabled us to see 329 people at our destitution centres in 2014. Like Hue, none of these people had anywhere else to turn. Thank you for helping us be there for them.

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