Prime Minister must lead Europe by protecting refugees - Refugee Council
June 1, 2015

Prime Minister must lead Europe by protecting refugees

This summer, European leaders will gather in Brussels to discuss proposals put forward to address the humanitarian crisis occurring in the Mediterranean Sea.

We are calling on the Prime Minister to lead Europe by responding compassionately.

On 25th June, David Cameron has the chance to offer a vital lifeline to some of the world’s refugees. Ask your MP to help make sure he takes this chance. Please email them now.

Since the beginning of the year over 1,800 people have lost their lives as they attempted the perilous Mediterranean crossing in their search for safety.

Many of those attempting the journey were Syrian, Eritrean or Afghan men, women and children who had fled war-torn countries and brutal regimes.

Sadly, fortress Europe’s hostile immigration policies simply leave many refugees with no other choice than to place their lives into smugglers’ hands.

In May, European authorities suggested a number of ways the crisis could be tackled, including by introducing alternative routes to safety for refugees so they are no longer forced to take dangerous journeys.

The proposals suggested European countries, including Britain, resettled more refugees; bringing them directly from the region to live in safety. They also suggested that countries develop other legal ways for people to find refuge, including allowing more refugees to reunite with their loved ones who are already living in safety in Europe.

David Cameron will be discussing these proposals with his European counterparts on 25th June. He must respond with compassion and act swiftly to uphold Britain’s proud tradition of protecting refugees by accepting the plans to create other routes to safety.

Please email your MP now and ask them to call on the Prime Minister to do more to help refugees safely find protection in Britain.