Court of Appeal lifts stay on Detained Fast Track appeals ruling - Refugee Council
June 26, 2015

Court of Appeal lifts stay on Detained Fast Track appeals ruling

At a hearing at the Court of Appeal today, judges have lifted the stay that was placed on the High Court ruling that the detained fast track appeals process is unlawful. The decision means that the Government must immediately stop using the fast track appeals process.

Surprisingly, the Government did not challenge the lifting of the stay. The Government is still expected, however, to appeal against the ruling that the appeals process is unlawful.

In response to the ruling, Refugee Council Chief Executive Maurice Wren said: “This ruling is a very welcome, though painfully long overdue, recognition that the Detained Fast Track is a dangerous caricature of justice.

“Today the courts have acknowledged the unlawfulness of a system that for administrative and political convenience undermines justice and puts lives at risk.

“The Government must now accept that detaining people because they asked for refugee protection in the UK is inhumane and deeply unjust.

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