Government proposes abolishing support for families - Refugee Council
August 2, 2015

Government proposes abolishing support for families

The Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, has announced that the Government is considering abolishing asylum support for families whose asylum claims have been refused.

In response to a statement where the Minister outlined the intention to send out a message that “Britain is not a soft touch on asylum“, Refugee Council Head of Advocacy, Lisa Doyle, stated:

“We have grave concerns about the Government’s proposals to remove support from some of the most vulnerable families in the UK, many of whom fear there is real risk of serious harm or persecution to them and their children if returned to their countries of origin.

We know that the Government frequently gets life and death decisions on asylum claims wrong as nearly 30 per cent of appeals are successful. This harsh proposal seems to be based on the flawed logic that making families destitute will coerce them into going home. The Government has a duty to protect all children in this country and previous Governments have recognised it morally reprehensible to take support away from families with children.”