'Just Bread helped me tackle my anxiety' - Refugee Council
August 24, 2015

‘Just Bread helped me tackle my anxiety’

Reza*, 45, a refugee from Iran, is just one of the women to have benefited from the Refugee Council’s bread baking project Just Bread. After completing the training course, she landed a job working on e5 Bakehouse’s stall at Secret Cinema and one day hopes to open her own business. This is her story.

Being part of Just Bread for me meant going out of the house and doing something different.

I did not expect it would have such a huge impact on me. It even helped to tackle my anxiety from which I’ve been suffering for a long time.

I feel great respect for our tutors who guided us step by step, paying attention to all our needs. We were discovering things about ourselves we didn’t know, hidden talents and skills.

I created some new recipes by adding Iranian spices and herbs. Some were really good, some needed more work but I enjoyed the process so much that I continued doing it at home. I made many different types of focaccia, for my family, friends—I even had some orders!

It helps that I now have the Food Hygiene Level 2 certificate, which I got with help from the Refugee Council.

Socialising with other participants prompted my interest in other cultures, broadened my horizons. We made friends. We had a lunch at my place and agreed to stay in touch.

Taking part in the Secret Cinema was another unexpected bonus. I am now exploring options of setting up a baking business.