How YOU can help support refugees - Refugee Council
September 21, 2015

How YOU can help support refugees

Over recent weeks members of the public have been sending a clear message to the UK Government: refugees are welcome here.

We’ve been extremely humbled by all of your offers to support the Refugee Council.

There are lots of ways you can help. Here’s how:

Help us support refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Donate to the Refugee Council

Every donation we receive is vital to help us support refugees. Whether it’s a regular gift or a one off donation you can help make a difference to someone’s life.

Send a message of welcome to child refugees

Every year, child refugees arrive in Britain completely alone, bewildered and frightened.

We’ve just started working in Kent with newly arrived children, and we want to help make the children feel welcomed and safe by putting lots of welcome posters on the wall.

Donate clothes

Donate your clothes to us. We’ll send a bag to your home and all of the proceeds will go towards supporting refugees.

Do some myth-busting

Looking for the facts about asylum? The same old myths and scare stories are peddled again and again. The truth is in short supply.

Use our myth-busting guide Tell it Like it Is and share the facts with your friends and family.

Take on a challenge

If you’ve recently signed up for a challenge event, why not help awareness and raise vital funds for refugees at the same time? Contact our fundraising team and we’ll send you a free fundraising pack to help you get started:

Don’t fancy donning your running shorts?

Host a RefuTea Event with your friends and family to raise money for the Refugee Council.

Give time

Keep your eye on this page for incredible opportunities to work with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: volunteer for the Refugee Council.

And of course stay in touch!

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