Number of children seeking safety in Europe almost doubles - Refugee Council
November 3, 2015

Number of children seeking safety in Europe almost doubles

The number of children who have sought asylum in the European Union has almost doubled compared to last year according to Unicef UK.

Between January and September 2015 around 186,000 children sought asylum in Europe, compared to 98,000 in the same period of 2014. According to Unicef UK, around average, close to 700 children per day are claiming asylum on European soil.

Very few of these children make it as far as the UK to claim asylum either alone or with their families.

Refugee Council Head of Advocacy Dr. Lisa Doyle said:

“These figures underline the fact that the world is in the grip of one of the worst refugee crises ever.

“It’s completely unacceptable that European immigration policies are directly endangering the lives of refugee children and their families by leaving them with no other option than to board smugglers’ boats in their desperate search for safety.

“Britain must not continue to stand on the side-lines and watch as those fortunate enough to survive the perilous Mediterranean crossing are then forced to endure a dangerous march of misery across Europe as they attempt to find safety and join their loved ones.

“The British Government must step forward and offer to share responsibility for protecting some of the refugees arriving on Europe’s shores.”