2015 asylum stats published - Refugee Council
February 25, 2016

2015 asylum stats published

Today new statistics have been published showing how many asylum claims the UK received last year.

The figures also show how many asylum seekers were granted refugee protection in 2015 and which countries people have fled.

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Responding to the statistics, Refugee Council Head of Advocacy Dr. Lisa Doyle said: “Given the world is in the grip of one of the worst refugee crises in history, the truth is that comparatively fewer people get as far as Britain in their search for safety. Britain received just 3% of all asylum claims made in the EU last year.

“Poor countries continue to host the vast majority of the world’s refugees. Lebanon, a country half the size of Wales, is single-handedly sheltering around the same number of refugees as fled to the whole of Europe last year.

“As a global leader, the Prime Minister must step forward and ensure we do our bit to help offer safe haven to some more of the desperate people forced to flee bloody conflicts and brutal regimes. Lives depend on us living up to our proud tradition of protecting refugees.”